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training course

4 OCTOBER 2024




     Sense your way is a training course which aims to create a special space for exploring SENSING through movement, dance, touch, somatics and voice practices.





    It will happen in France, in Chartrier-Ferrière (Corrèze), in the Oasis des âges, from 23th SEPTEMBER to 4th of OCTOBER 2024 (travels days included).

     This training course will focus on the exploration of the sensitivity of the body. We will open a space with the intention of letting the movement emerge, hatch and flourish, develop the creative potential present in each of us and experience full presence, with all the Living that composes and surrounds us. 

    We would like to invite you to be connected to the sensitive world through the body and the voice, bases of our unique and singular expression. By listening to our wild intuition, our little voice that guides our steps, you will have the opportunity to express yourself with artistic tools in non verbal communication and find directions you want to embody in your personal and work life.

We will employ various techniques, such as Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Somatics practices  (with Body-Mind-Centering) and Voices practices to enhance your awareness of bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts.


The training course welcomes individuals of all ages and experience levels. However, participants should be open and interested in exploring this approach. If you are uncomfortable with touch or movement, this course may not be suitable for you

Contact Improvisation is a dance form that focuses on physical connection and improvisation. It is a non-competitive, non-goal-oriented practice that allows you to explore the relationship between your body and your partner's, guided by gravity, in a safe and supportive environment.

Authentic Movement  offers a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. It explores the relationship between a mover and a witness, being seen and seeing. With eyes closed, the mover listens inwardly and finds a movement arising from a hidden prompting, a cellular impulse. Gradually the invisible becomes visible, the inaudible becomes audible, and explicit form is given to the content of direct experience

Who is this training for? 

The training is designed for social workers, volunteers, leaders, teachers, and coaches. It aims to transmit skills for a strong connection between individuals, their bodies, and their environment to implement into our daily work as well as our personal lives and to the greater world


You can apply to this training if you are resident and traveling from (and to) France, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Greece and Germany. 

Participants must be over 18 years and must be able to understand and communicate in English, so they can participate fully in a program that will be held in English.


We expect you to participate in the whole program. It means coming later or leaving earlier is not allowed. Also, prepare for an intensive experience with at least 6 hours of activities every day!


IMPORTANT NOTE : A training course is not a vacation or a nearly cost-free spiritual retreat, nor is it a place for personal therapy sessions. The training course is meant to be dynamic learning adventure where you’ll immerse yourself in intensive growth, both personally and professionally. It’s about seizing the opportunity to absorb new skills and insights, ready to give back to the world with fresh perspectives and expertise.


  • Investigate the expressive potential of the body, the power of inner-creativity and enhance self-discovery

  • Revise and redefine our approach to physical touch, exploring various forms of physical contact

  • Dive into the nature exploration with mindfulness practises

  • Awake the voice inside us, by singing practises

  • Live in a mindful community experience with cooperation, sharing and caring

  • Express ourselves with authenticity through reflection times and sharing circles

This training course is about:

  • Develop a deeper understanding, connection, and acceptance of the body

  • Foster holistic listening and explore communication with oneself and others through artistic expression

  • Experience embodiment with contact improvisation and somatic practices to enhance non-verbal communication skills and emotional intelligence


"We want to open the treasure of natural creativity, with the inner endless source of curiosity and spontaneity, being moved by and with the dynamic of the inner landscape."


This training is for you if you are willing to: 

  • spend time outdoor, move, play, walk and dance.

  • go out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. 

  • improve your facilitator/trainer skills.

  • acquire new tools and ideas for your job and your daily life.

  • open yourself in order to share your own skills and learn new ones.

  • commit to this work during the whole duration of the project, dissemination and follow-up included.

  • empower yourself with the support and the care of the group.

Working methods

You will learn by doing ! This will be a collective experience in which everyone will have to invest. The course will be anchored in the sharing of ideas, opinions, experiences and practices. Joining us will be an opportunity to share and gain confidence in your own skills and experiences.

Also, bear in mind that previous experiences with dance and singing practices are not needed to attend the training.

Meet the Team

Spaces Holders

" in the heart of my wild intuition

there is 

my body

who knows

who Am I 

and where to Go

I dance

and I embrace all directions

and I let exist all possibilities of Being

to what is tiny and vast at the same time

from our subtle and sensitive depths

to the great bursts in the storms

for unwind the threads of our fragilities


and I dance

and I feel what is alive in the crevices, in the high peaks and in the whirlwinds 

and I dance

I dance

again and again "

"Among many other things, I feel movement as composition, the body composes in order to recompose, transitioning through poses, and pauses. 

It is about playing with the form, to in-form and trans-form 


                            transform the space 


                                within me                                 and you

 between us



in touch

 is a composition 


of guessings, of held intensity

of waving, compressing, stretching and spiraling forces"

"Dear inner voice, Let’s find a place to meet.

I know that you are somewhere, waiting to step out and reach outer space ‘cause sometimes, I hear you crawling along my throat, asking myself what to do with all your colors.

What do you think of a virgin forest where we could walk barefoot ? Where we could hear the wind’s whispers and the bubbling river ?

We’ll be just the two of us ‘cause apart from me, no one has been here before. We could breathe wider, enjoy the silence and paint all the clouds with our magnificent songs. I might be able to listen to you, more often than usually.

I would be happy to feel you. And to sing you. And to dance you. To whistle you to walk you to run you to spread you to shout you to scream you to lullaby you. I sure will be happy to meet you there.

Can’t wait to see you, Your caring and humble servant."

Practical Information

The training course will take place in the OASIS DES AGES.  We will be accommodated in this beautiful venue in Chartrier-Ferrière, in the region of Corrèze, at 20 minutes to the city Brives La Gaillarde. There, you will share rooms with other participants and we will enjoy different activities rooms and places for relaxing. We will be surrounded by the fields and the forest, in the middle of a preserved nature. 


"Oasis des âges is a collective place, open to the world and anchored in its territory, organizing and hosting training, workshops, retreats, etc.. This committed collective intends to offer and create spaces to transform our relationships to oneself, to others, to the territory, to our representations and models, to the living and the invisible, to take care of it, choose what is right and create new models, of a united, vibrant and committed society, to preserve the Earth and the Living."


How to travel ?

​More detailed information about the travel arrangements to the venue will be provided to selected participants and will be assisted by the project coordinator.


To check your travel options, please, look for connections that take you to BRIVE LA GAILLARDE. From there you will be further guided to the venue.

Please, as our project is taking care about sustainability, we invite you to choose the most environmentally friendly form of transport with bus, train or carpooling. We can help you to find the best options. 


Note: Your travels cannot be further than 2 days before or after the training course due to the rules of our financial grant.

Travel reimbursement

As well, more detailed information about the travel reimbursement will be provided to selected participants and will be assisted by the project coordinator.

The travel costs of the participants will be refunded, after the training course, once  participants will have complete all the mandatory tasks (sharing all their travel documents, filling the Erasmus survey, sending proof of dissemination and follow-up activities).


Maximum amounts:


France : 210 €

Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic : 320 € (275 € if traveling by plane)

Greece, Latvia : 360 €

DON'T FORGET TO KEEP ALL YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS AND RECEIPTS, we will need them to reimburse your transport!

Participation contribution : we offer  the opportunity to self assess your contribution on a sliding scale between 120 - 250 euro (to be paid in cash upon arrival).

The contribution fee for our  training course ensures a premium experience at the exquisite OASIS DES AGES. This fee covers high-quality accommodation, vegan/vegetarian meals, and enriching programs. We strive to create a supportive and transformative environment, and your contribution helps maintain these standards. We offer a sliding scale to accommodate diverse financial situations, emphasizing that finances should never be a barrier to participation.


This course is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Mobility of youth workers.

If you wish to learn more about the programme and its opportunities, have a look here.



The delicious food will be vegan/vegetarian, prepared with love and care by our cook Andréa.


"My name is Andrea Mendizabal, and I will be cooking for you vegetarian meals during this training course. The meals I prepare are carefully designed to be easily digested by each one of us, with our own caracteristics and imbalances. The food will be organic, gluten-free, seasonal and local to reduce our carbone footprint as much as possible. You will be eating plenty of colors and lot's of love. If you are curious, you can find my creations here : And you can also find me at my restaurant Tiers-lieu Pachamama's in Strasbourg! " ​


In order to provide and keep a safe and focused atmosphere for everybody we invite you to agree with an alcohol/drugs-free policy during the whole training course.

Ombre végétale


Deadline for application is: 1st of July 2024 at  2 p.m. CET

Results of selection will be published by: 8th of July 2024

Results with detailed information will be sent via mail to all applicants (selected - waiting list - not selected).

Thanks for the message

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